Have Questions About Returning New Car Please Give Advice I Appreciate It!?

My grandfather was co-signed on my car and wanted his name taken off so I went to dealership to get the papers for him to sign off. When I went there the sales guy said that if my grandfather signs off then my monthly payment will raise and that I should just trade in my car for a new one because I’d be paying the same and they’re having a deal better than what I had. The guy pressured me and lied like car dealers do. After signing they let me take the car and everything. I go home and tell my grandfather I signed him off and he got angry because he said how did he get signed off if he wasn’t there. Because he didn’t sign anything.
Now he wants me to take the new car back and get the other car. Am I able to do at? Because technically he did not consent to signing off on the car which means its still his.
They basically did a trade in without the consent of one of the co-signers. I know some of is is my fault and I’ve learned my lesson but any advice and information would be appreciated.

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One Response to “Have Questions About Returning New Car Please Give Advice I Appreciate It!?”

  1. mrreliab says:

    Was your grandfather listed as an owner on the car title?
    It sounds like he co-signed on the loan, but he didn’t own the car. All he owned was the right to pay the loan if you didn’t.
    Yes, they can release his debt if they want. There’s nothing wrong with that. They don’t need his signature to say “You’re not liable on this debt anymore.”
    If you were lied to you may have a course of action. Contact your attorney general in your state. There is a period of time where you can cancel a contract to buy an automobile.

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