Have you bagged a bargain or two in the sales?

I’ve been out since 9 this morning and only just got in,
Thank you so much for your answers 🙂

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30 Responses to “Have you bagged a bargain or two in the sales?”

  1. christee68 says:

    OK … now you are scaring me how much we are alike! LOL!

    Believe it or not I woke up at 5 am this morning (yes, and I made my poor little boy get up too! Mean momma! lol) We got to the FIRST store by 6 am – right when they opened. Spent WAY too much $$ there. Then off to the next store and hour and a half later … spent too much there as well. Every time I put something in the basket my son asked, "Mommy … do we really need that??" lol Finally, we went to breakfast (which was the only thing that kept my boy quiet!) =) and then off to 3 other stores.

    At the third store I realized I had about 10 candles in my basket and knew full well I have more candles at home then I know what to do with. Did that stop me? Nooooooo … why? They were on SALE of course!! ;-p

    My son kept saying, "Boy … are we gonna have a LOT to carry in the house!" LOL

    As the morning went on, the bags piled higher and higher. Finally I heard a muffled sound coming from the back of my truck and I realized it was my son who I could no longer see because the bags of bargains were piled all the way up to the roof! LMBO!!

    When I got out and went around to open the door for him (because I was afraid things would fall out and roll on the ground …lol) My son looks at me with these big eyes and says …

    "Mom … I think you have a spending problem!"

    Ha ha haaaaaaaa!

    I am laughing hysterically at today. I rationalized it all by saying to myself "Girls shop, right? That’s what we do!" LOL I spent money like I’m rich. Perhaps I better have a serious talk with myself!

    Peace my fellow bargain hunting friend …


  2. Buddy says:

    Not yet

  3. ¸¸.•*´`*•.¸ ℓανєη∂єr ¸¸.•*´`*•.¸ says:

    Haven’t been shopping yet

  4. not me says:

    no might have a look on the way home from work tomorrow

  5. wrathofkahn03 says:

    doing my laundry and gonna head out as soon as the clothes are done…..looking for my fav team jersey….

  6. Gia says:

    Was out all day had a great time spending.

  7. CoD + JoD says:

    7 $$$$$$$$$$

    thanks for the 2 points

  8. Judy_Sweet_Funny says:

    I’ve been to busy to even think about sales….but thanks for the reminder, the only thing is I have more than I need, and if I go out and get more…it will just clutter…I better stay home..but it is tempting…..lol

  9. Dark Princess(R.I.P Casey) says:

    Nope.I haven’t been out yet.I want to go soooo bad.It’s killing me

  10. Alex says:

    the other day, my sister and i went to bebe to find her an outfit for christmas. for $190 she got a peacoat, and two party tops

  11. Saffy says:

    in england shops dont open til 2moz i should know i live in them(figure of speach!)

  12. Slinky says:

    I find this sale business so annoying when it is rammed down our necks even befor we have even had our christmas dinner. there was a time when sales and advertising for them was left at least until boxing day. This kind of spoils christmas for me, as i like to savour my christmas and all that entails, i mean, what is the rush, that we all have to go traipsing round the shops as soon as christmas day is over. it seems that everyone is trying to find that elusive bargain that isnt a bargain in the first place. I think that the shops bring items in specially for this purpose, show them as being previously at a certain price, that wasnt really, and putting a lower price on them for the sale, and in actual fact they are not bargains at all. Why cant sales start in January like they used too…..it seems that we have them all year now.

  13. country[on cloud seven]bumpkin says:

    there be plenty left tomorrow.

  14. Kychick says:

    Good Afternoon, Hope you had a lovely Christmas. No shopping for me today. Not fond of crowds. Have checked some sites on the net. Would much rather have merchandise delivered to my door.


  15. Bruce P says:

    No I haven’t been shopping today

  16. kerry says:

    we only went out for a couple of hours. i bought a nice cardy. the only thing NOT in the sales. just my luck. i didn’t see anything else.

    Saffy: i live in england, plenty shops open!

  17. deltagremlin says:

    been working all day

  18. weeniewotsit says:

    I just went to one shop (Accessorize) and got two tops for my hairless cat! £4 for both of them!!

  19. 999pheebs says:

    oh yes i have 😀
    i bought some knee high leather lace up boots that were only £20!!
    and the usual jeans and tops 😀

  20. lazybird2006 says:

    no, I don’t shop on boxing day, for me, it’s still Christmas, I might buy next years Christmas cards if there’s any in the sale, but that will be it, don’t have a lot of spare money at the moment.

  21. Babette says:

    No shopping for me…

    no monies…

    & no more space!!! 🙂

  22. skybluecarp says:

    have no spare cash for the sales this year, have a wedding to save and pay for

  23. yummymummy108 says:

    Yes I have bought a few items at bargain price

  24. Quizard says:

    I haven’t bothered yet but my mum queued up at Debenham’s this morning

  25. Ange says:

    Yes, just went out for an hour this afternoon and got some trousers from Dorothy Perkins in the sale that I had seen there and wanted before when they were full price. I have to work Thurs and Fri so glad I got them today.

  26. Polar Molar says:

    Sorry I’m done with shopping !! I stay clear of the boxing day sales just to many people pushing and shoving to get that one great deal besides I’m officially broke!! lol ♥

  27. sunbeam says:

    No not yet, have a shopping date with my friend for tomorrow. Hope you left some bargains in the shops for us!

  28. linz says:

    I haven’t been out of the house today, but on Xmas eve i bought some beautiful gold sandals from river island that were sixty pounds down to twenty five, I bought a coat that was forty five down to twenty. i went crazy at Xmas so i am staying away from shops for a bit lol

  29. fishers*of*men says:

    no, don’t have any extra spending money at this time to go shopping, but i wish i did, cause i love to shop. i hope you found some really cool stuff marked down really low.

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