Have you ever picked up a bargain online?

I purchased a top PC game from a seller on Play.Com for the amazingly low sum of £1.69 when it retails in the shops for around £30.00. As you can imagine I thought it was some sort of scam but seeing as it was so cheap went ahead with the purchase and I was genuinly surprised when 2 days later it popped through the post, just HOW can someone make a profit selling video games at £1.69 with free delivery??

Thanks for answering.

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8 Responses to “Have you ever picked up a bargain online?”

  1. The future Mrs Jervis? says:

    Yes, I picked a bargain up on ebay. I bought my wonderful partner a pair of G- star raw elwood jeans for £32.95 brand new in packaging inc p&p in the shops they retail at £100. The first link is shop retail the second is ebay but not the seller I bought from! It goes to show you how much we are being ripped off!



  2. jovibonjon1 says:

    Hell only thing i could pick up is a penguin.

  3. Alyssa Lize says:

    I purchased my school books on line and saved over $300.00 for one semester’s books. A good bargain is to be had if you shop around.

  4. Pooh Bear says:

    Yes, a mont blanc fountain pen for £30 – retailed at £297.
    A designer scarf for £9 – retails at over £200
    A set of acrylic inks which retail at £5.50 each – 8 in the set – £14.99 .
    whatever did we do before e.bay!!

  5. I hate music. says:

    No but my friend got this really rare vinyl record for like $500 when it’s really worth $800.

  6. Diane the Succubus (PFLAG) says:


    Bought my daughters entire senior prom outfit on line for under $100.00 including shipping… (Shoes, underclothes, dress, shawl, clutch purse, etc.) Purchased elsewhere the same outfit would have been about $500.00…

  7. GaryW says:

    yes. pleny of times.saves lots of money

  8. blaster 2 says:

    yes and she was gorgeous…worth 10 times the price….lol…

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