Have you seen any bargains?

I’m popping into town tomorrow and I was just wondering have you come across some bargains whilst shopping? You know, a gorgeous handbag or some really nice shoes without digging a hole in your purse. British shops please as I live in the UK. Thanks guys.

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9 Responses to “Have you seen any bargains?”

  1. Malgorzata B says:

    Sorry I live in the USA

  2. angels_angelsarehere says:

    check out thecherub1205 on ebay. some really nice shoes there. Hats too

  3. omsie_x says:

    in h&m they have nice v neck jumpers in different colours or with stripes which are £8 or 2 for a tenner. bargain!

  4. M E J says:

    if you live near a primark they have some great prices!
    jeans are around 6 to 10 pounds
    and ones i got are pretty decent
    also they have some cute tops and dresses
    and the bags are so cheap! around 4-8 pounds
    and they look great
    and other accesories such as jewelery starts from 1£ to 5£
    worth a look!
    and others like h and m have some cheap prices
    you could also try peackocks
    or how about non high street stuff such as vintage stores or small shops
    dont forget to look out for sales!
    ooo and tk maxx! great prices there and nice stuff
    but if its as un organised as the one in leicester you might need to spend the whole day sorting through what you want!

  5. R ө в ч л says:

    Well there was a sale at GAP the last time i went shopping,
    ermm…Zara have some cheap clothes and accessories. H&M do cheap bracelets, belts and shoes in 9-14+ part…!

  6. claire says:

    I don’t know if they’ll still be avaliable in the shops but i bought a gorgeous blue playsuit and a red empire top in Topshop for £6 & £5 respectively and last week when i had a look they were selling for £1 & £3 the rest of their sale had some really cheap stuff
    if it’s shoes you like New Look has a load going cheap in their sale

  7. Katkins says:

    Dorothy Perkins and New look both have sales on. Also tesco and sainsburys clothes have got some really nice things in. Also Primark, its bargain city!!

  8. Quinn says:

    new look always has a great selection of clothes shoes accessory’s ect they usually have sale items all year round too!

  9. Margery'n'Frank says:

    accessorise have a great sale on hats and scarves at the mo. I got a hat and scarf for seven pounds yesterday, would have cost me 32 new!

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