Have you started to stock up on food for Christmas?

Some real bargains to be had at the big supermarkets right now.I’ve bought loads of half price jars and lots of other good deals.I find that I have a good store built up over the winter as a result.I seem to have lots of tinned fish and jars of cooking sauces.Have you stocked up on food yet?

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18 Responses to “Have you started to stock up on food for Christmas?”

  1. Piglet says:

    Yes, indeedy! Half our household is German, so we stock up on hard to find and/or quickly sold out items such as Spekulatius (spiced biscuits), mini Stollen and edible tree hangers (usually chocolate) used on our real tree along with real candles (Health and Safety would have convulsions at the thought). Lidl is an excellent source. They also have smoked Black Forest ham, Nurenburg sausages (little finger sized just right for kids) and a delicious potato salad.

  2. PayingInNaivety..x says:

    nah itd be mouldy, plus there’d be even more cheaper bargains closer to christmas!

  3. justme says:

    I haven’t even shopped for Thanksgiving.

  4. Nadine says:

    Yes ive nearly cleared out all of tesco 😀 i have a mountain of food at home 😉

  5. JACKS says:

    not cooking xmas dinner this year my daughter going to inlaws, so me and my partener are going to our local social club getting drunk! and have cold meat and pickles can’t wait we be the first time in yers havent cooked xmas dinner, so it’s a real break for me, dont know what all the fuss is about anyway it’s only for the one day. but i’m looking forward to a nice relaxing day.

  6. McDuff says:

    I have bought a xmas pudding.

  7. lottie_x says:

    I’m going through my freezers and cupboards to get rid of everything before I stock up for Chrissie – although I have my heart set on seafood and salad so not much shopping there!

  8. Joshua O says:

    Actually, my family doesn’t stock up on food for Christmas.

  9. Cort870 says:

    No, I don’t know where I’ll be spending Christmas this year, which sux…

  10. petermurrell says:

    Everything will be even cheaper AFTER Christmas when the stores will be trying to clear space for the Easter eggs.

  11. Carrot says:

    yeah i started stocking up then atye it all so im going back next week…and the week after till christmas.

  12. sparkleythings_4you says:

    We always, always, always end up at his families house for Christmas, so no, we don’t stock up as we are not at home (worst luck!)

  13. ann says:

    They have been having 2 for 1 sales on butter, flour and sugar, I am getting stocked up for xmas cookies.

  14. Bren says:

    yes just thinkng about it i plan to buy one item every time i go shopping to spread the cost. bargains at the moment so i will take advantage but will make sure the use by date is beyond xmas otherwise no point.

  15. riverofmydreams says:

    i try 2 keep certain things in stock.. some dry goods i keep in the freezer, including sugar. nice place 2 keep green pepper 4 cooking too, because lettuce and pepper prices are so sky high.. and dang, who killed the cow : ) and with the oil price going up, makes everything go up, up, up… but i enjoy Christmas, still beleive in Santa : )

  16. deb a says:

    good luck i’m just getting started on Thanksgiving

  17. joanna d 009 says:

    Yeah started gettingn the cans in

  18. bajan-black_ant says:

    No, i’m usually running around like a headless chicken christmas week

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