Haven’t Heard Back From Job Application, Please Help?

Basically, last summer, I spent 10 weeks working in an Insurance company. I was 17, and got the job from my uncle whom asked Arthur ( my boss) if there was any positions in administration for me. He kindly gave me the job. I was brand new and had no clue what I was doing.I was trained , and they were all so so kind to me, especially my boss. He constantly told me not to worry if I didn’t get the job done etc, and didn’t mind if I didn’t do something right. I loved working there so much. On my last day, my boss and my team took me out to lunch to say goodbye to me and also they gave me a card and voucher. I was so happy, and gave each of them a written thank you card and chocolates. My boss mentioned once ‘ we could teach you more stuff if you’d like to come back next year’ ( he said this in passing. My mom even took my boss out after I finished the job, to tell him how grateful she was for his kindness in hiring me. While in administration, I was taking the woman who was on maternity leave’s position. When I left, I briefly remember my boss telling them that someone new is coming in. About four weeks ago, I wrote a letter to my boss, asking him if it were possible to get a job again this summer. I told him how grateful I was etc, and also that I would work harder etc. He would of recieved it three weeks ago. I am quite anxious, as I have not heard any response from him. My mom told me he will reply, but I wonder when and why he is taking so long. What would be the reason he is not replying to me , do you think? Or will he reply to me at all, even if it is to say no? He genuinely is the kindest soul I have ever come across, I will never come across a nicer boss. But I am paranoid as to why I have heard nothing yet. What do you think I should do? Also, was thinking of asking my uncle to ask arthur if I got the letter, but is that too desperate?

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2 Responses to “Haven’t Heard Back From Job Application, Please Help?”

  1. Sejal says:

    just ask your uncle, i don’t think that’s bad.

  2. Lucius says:

    It’s best to just look for another job in the mean time, he may call in a month or so, but no point in sitting around waiting. File job applications for other companies… if he does call and want you to come work there, you can always leave your other job.

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