Hdmi Not Working On Ps3?

I just bought a 32 inch HD RCA tv because I couldn’t read text from PS3 games on my old tv (too blury), which doesn’t support HDMI. I have the 32 gig PS3 slim (the old slim, not the brand new PS3).
I bought my PS3 used on Amazon from Ezcorp, so I don’t know if I got ripped off and the HDMI port is broken (never used it before, and it’s too late to return). Is there a way to tell if it is? Is there also a way to test my HDMI cord? (I have poor friends lol, so I can’t use their standard TV to test things out)
I tried everything the internet told me to do. I unplugged the the 3 cables (the red yellow and white one, I don’t know what’s it’s called). I pressed the power button for 5 seconds. I reset the video settings. I went to setting and display then choose HDMI. I unplugged everything even the power cords then only plugged the HDMI cable in. After all that, still no signal!! (I don’t have the common black screen issue, I’m not getting any signal at all).
Now that I have a HD tv; 480p is a little blurry T_T. If all else fails, is there a place that fixes (or test) ps3’s? If I sell my PS3 to gamestop (and not tell them the HDMI is busted hehe…) and try to buy another used ps3 well it give me a huge discount? Any advice what I should do.

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One Response to “Hdmi Not Working On Ps3?”

  1. Justin Fisher says:

    Simple with your tv on press and the power button on the console not the controller. You’ll here the first beep that it normally makes but keep holding and it’ll make two more beeps real quick together let go of the power button and when it comes on it will say on screen that an “HDMI source is detected do you want to use these settings? Can you read the text” hit the X button on the controller and it will save the settings and it should be crystal clear picture and text.

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