Healthcare Worker’s Perks?

What jobs offer special perks or discounts to those working in a healthcare profession?
For example, I know Verizon offers a 22% discount to those who work in a doctors office or a hospital.

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One Response to “Healthcare Worker’s Perks?”

  1. mildred f says:

    These perks are really pretty poor. I looked up one I had. I could get a discount if I bought the GE
    monogram kitchen stove. Have you seen that thing! It’s for a professional chef! Found it cheaper to get the deal I had already arranged though DirectBuy.
    My gym membership was cheaper NOT getting it through my employer, but from a discount card I got in the mail.
    Most uniform stores will give a 10% discount to any healthcare worker. But then you are there to buy a healthcare worker uniform. Who else is going to buy that?
    When you are someone’s employee, you don’t get much.

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