Heating Help With Newborn Baby?

Hi all,
I have just bought a oil filled radiator to plug in at night in our room when the central heating is off to keep the room about 17 degrees. ive got a timer switch to control it and it has 3 heat settings: 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Thermostatic Control: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home
however how do i know what heat setting will produce that heat and not be too hot or too cold??

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2 Responses to “Heating Help With Newborn Baby?”

  1. Snowbarb says:

    You plug it in and try it, then you’ll know.
    A lot depends on the size of your bedroom and how cold it is without the heater – the only way you’ll know is to try it.

  2. tigerpra says:

    you set it to the temperature you want and when your room reaches that temp the heater shuts off until the room cools down then it clicks back on, you can buy a thermometer for your room too

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