Help Asap! Dog Is Acting Like He Has Side Effects Of Anesthetics But Hasn’t Been Put Under!?

Dog is acting like he has side effects of anesthetics, but hasn’t been put under since the 11th of April. Im worried!
*Off balance
*Cant raise head, if so falls over
*Head is shaky
*drooling very bad
*Very alarmed by every little thing.
There are more symptoms, but these are all I can thing of at the moment. The best way i could describe him… is like he’s drunk. No he hasnt gotten into anything bad…
Please help!

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4 Responses to “Help Asap! Dog Is Acting Like He Has Side Effects Of Anesthetics But Hasn’t Been Put Under!?”

  1. jamie says:

    Keep using the medications your vet prescribed- it very well may take several treatments until improvement is shown. Your pet may be suffering from something called “Vestibular Syndrome”. Research it and bring it up with your vet. Call the clinic and let them know how your pet is doing. Also be honest, let your vet know that money is a concern. I work in a clinic and when clients tell us that we do try our hardest to offer the patient the best quality of care within the owners budget. Examples would be: giving the owner samples of products we receive, discounts, letting owners make payments, care credit, calling prescriptions into pharmacies (it’s usually less expensive), not charging for X-rays etc.

  2. Doglover says:

    If your family member had the same symptoms would your first reaction be ” OH I better get on yahooanswers!”
    NO you’d contact emergency help! TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET. Worry about cost later. Life is worth more than money. You don’t take your dog now, you could be staring at a dead dog in an hour.
    You speak in present tense in your question as if the actions are happening now. If that’s the case you need to high tail it to the vet. It doesn’t matter if you took her a day before. The dog is obviously displaying highly emergency signs. Of which there is nothing you can physically do at home. Nobody said owning a dog was cheap.

  3. Lia says:

    GET HER TO A VET how SAD that you ask this here. Do you think you’re asking a vet? Wow I feel so sorry for your dog..

  4. Helen Rempel says:

    Immediate trip to the emergency vet.

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