help connecting petrol/oil to carb on f12 phantom scooter?

Please help!!! malaguti f12 phantom need to reconnect fuel oil but not sure which 1s i connect to????
i have a 50cc engine i recently brought a 100cc engine of a f12 of ebay
which i was told would bolt straight into a 50 frame, it did but wiring looms were completly diffrent to much work for some1 who is a quick learner but has had no experiance of any machanical work so i have just gone back to my 50 engine unfortuntly i cannot remember were the petrol, oil and petrol/oil mix go to, there r 2 connections on carb an 1 near bottom of bike which i think is the oil pump some1 please help as i dont want just oil goin into the engine instead of petrol some1 help please thanks tommyg

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