Help I Do Not Know What To Do After High School And Need Help Weighing My Opitions. What Shoulf I After G.e.d?

Ok my High School graduation was last night and I didn’t graduate. I felt horrible about it and am committed to changing my path in life. I have decided to take my G.E.D and go to community college then after that i would like to go to a 4 year school and pick my line of work from there. I am studying for my G.E.D and very confident in passing. My goals are getting my bachelors in which ever field I choose. The problem is that I don’t have a plan but only goals. I really enjoyed my AP Macro Econ, Government, Weights, Chemistry, Foods and Nutrition, and my History classes in High School. I didn’t like my English, Art, Web design, Band, and Upper level math classes. I was never a dumb kid and I preformed well on tests, group projects, oral presentations and assignments that sparked my interests. I didn’t preform well on my essays, harder classwork, and note taking. I have average organizational skills but I seemed to lack motivation and drive to complete my on time or at all. Homework was the main reason I did bad. Also I have done research on Tech schools but don’t think that it is the right option for me, but i could be wrong. Im open to any idea’s on schools, fields of work, degrees, goals.
I really want a career that I can somewhat tolerate and don’t come home hating my life everyday for picking a field that I hate. My mom is a lawyer and I work part time for currently. I wouldn’t mind working in the Medical, Law, Health, Food, Sales, Marketing fields but I am all ears. My career goals are a good paying job mainly. I prefer good paying over anything else.
Some of the questions i have are
What type of school should I go to?
What type of work would be best suited for me?
What field has a good starting pay?
What are my options?
What goals should I change or work towards?
What are the best CCs in Los Angeles
What would you do if you were in my position?
Whats my next step?
What are the keys to doing well on the G.E.D?
Tech school vs CC?
What are the best money making fields?
If you can answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time for reading this.

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