Help! I’m Stuck On How To Return To An Amazon Seller?!?

I bought a guitar from recently but I’m not happy with it and I want to return it. But I bought this item from a seller on Amazon, if the product is not fulfilled by Amazon can I not return it? Is the process different, will I get my money back, will I have to pay for delivery? This product came packaged by the seller, products that are fulfilled by Amazon usually come packaged in Amazon packaging (it has Amazon written on the box or envelope).

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One Response to “Help! I’m Stuck On How To Return To An Amazon Seller?!?”

  1. BTRUE says:

    Yes, you can return it. Log on to Amazon, under “more order actions”, click on returns. Go from there and select the appropriate box(s). From there, you shouldn’t have any problems. Sometimes Amazon will get the OKAY from the seller, but will get back with you.

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