help in a sales role?

i think id really be good in a sales role, as a rep maybe.
I’m am 20 with 4 levels in english, psychology, business and economics and general studies. i did 1 year at uni but had 2 leave.

i live in dudley west mids and i HATE my job atm, i work all week in a small office for very little money.

please could any1 help me get out of this rut i have created,me and my partner have bought a house which we are renovating so need all the money possible.

thank you
btw the role i have atm is of high pressure as the business relies soley on 3 office staff…all aspects of the bussiness are run from here therefore i could cope with the most pressures i think a new job would have

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One Response to “help in a sales role?”

  1. wisdominknowledge says:

    many companies will give you a chance at an entry-level sales position-check the job hunting sites and classified ads, etc. The pay may not be too great, but most offer bonuses and incentives, etc. you have to start somewhere! I say you should put together a nice CV and start looking. being personable, articulate and outgoing are good skills for sales jobs. Good Luck.

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