Help!!!!!!! Last Try To Get The Girl!?!?!?!?

Long story short I’ve liked her for 7 years now. About a month ago I took her to prom… We both had a blast. But between he time I asked her to prom and prom we went to coffee on a half date which her friend said I should do it again. Now I asked her the week after prom to get coffee and she said she was busy. Two weeks later I tried again she apologized and said she had made plans already with her friend that told me to take her out again. Then seine started a rumor I was going to no this huge thing for her the last day and she practically begged me not too.( she is way shy and I would never do anything that big) now we have this church garage sale that we are helping set up for and she will be there tomorrow. I want to ask her to dinner for sure and maybe a movie after that… She leaves the first week of July for a scholars program so I have to act now before her schedule fills up. It may not seem like a big deal for three weeks but when she gets back I leave for a missions trip to Haiti… And I won’t be home until right before school. I really want to take her out but I also know from a few mutual friends that 2 of her friends are against me dating her… Idk why they just are… So with that said when I ask her tomorrow do I brace for a no ? This is my last ditch effort. I think that if she says no it’s time to move on… It’s just I’ve written poems and songs about her… I’ve tried everything to move on from her for the last 7 years from other girls to keeping busy it doesn’t work… Will she say yes tomorrow? We are going as friends I know she hasn’t dated yet so I want to keep it low profile but…

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One Response to “Help!!!!!!! Last Try To Get The Girl!?!?!?!?”

  1. Sajjan says:

    say the truth about of your feeling after her.

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