Help Me Save My Cat? Please?

Think my cat has pyometra…. Going to call some vets tomorrow, but I don’t have any money right now. (Being unemployed sucks). I read online that some places will do discount spayings for about $30…. Will see if I can borrow money from my parents or see if the vet will let me work for them in exchange for their services….
I also found this site a while ago, that pays you for searching/shopping/completing offers. I’m up to $20, but you can’t request payment until you get $30…. Still working on earning more, but I could really use your help:
I earn like 10% of whatever you earn….
And please don’t starting answering about how I’m a bad owner, or that I should get a job or give her up to a no kill shelter. You don’t know me. I treat my cats as best I can. I’ve tried getting a job, I’ve put in lots of applications, but haven’t heard back from anyone. I tried taking them to shelters when they were little, and about a year ago, but they wouldn’t take them because they were already over crowded. I even tried finding them other homes, but nobody answered.
I came here asking for help, not to be criticized. If I wanted to be criticized, I would have went to my parents.

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  2. Suggesti says:

    Okay, this is going to be more than a simple spay. It is more complicated. There are grants out there for free spay/neuter programs. Check with the SPCA or a local no kill shelter for grants in your area.
    Some vets will work with you and allow you to make payments. There are grants out there to help owners with cats. You should contact a no-kill shelter and let them know that you need free medical treatment for your cat due to your situation but, you want to keep your pet.
    Some shelters have on-call vets that may be willing to help you at a discounted price. If you can pool together enough people to provide $5 or $10 each to help your cat, you would be able to come up with the funding much easier than trying to obtain all the money from one or two sources. What about people you know or if you go to church, maybe your church would help in this situation since you are unemployed.
    Best of luck to you. It is horrible to have a sick pet and be in a financial predicament at the time they need help. When this is over, you may want to look into pet insurance or a Care Credit card from GE Capital that is used for your medical, as well as, your pet’s medical. Something to think about for possible future emergencies.

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