Help Me With This Accounting Menace People! You’ll Get 10 Points If I Get An A:)?

Maxim Enterprise prepared trial balance as at 31, December, 2012, which failed to agree. Investigations revealed the following anomalies.
1.Sales of $620 were recorded as $260 in sales account.
2.Discount received $600 was recorded in discount allowed account.
3.Purchases of $120 were omitted.
4.Advertising of $8,500 was recorded in vehicle maintenance account.
5.Payment for loading and unloading $600 was duplicated in the expense account.
6.A casting error of $500 was noticed in sales account.
7.Purchase of machine for $5,000 was recorded in maintenance account.
8.Cash Discount 2% on net invoice amount of $34,500 was omitted.
9.Wages for December, 2012, amounting $25,000 were not accrued.
10.The Cost of Goods Sold in respect of sale of 40 items were not recorded. These items were bought @ $340 each.
1.Entries for above transactions
2.Suspense Account only
3.Also find the difference in trial balance
please help me in solving this please please thankyou
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