Help Me With Two Math Problems?

and tell me how you did so too! 😀
problem one:
Celine and Ann went shopping at a mall at the BOGO (buy one get one) Half-price sale. both first items Callie purchased cost $18.95 each, while both second items she purchased cost $16.96 each before the half price discount. Anna made three different purchases. The first item cost $9.99 and the other two items cost $4.99. If sales tax was 8.65%, how much money did the girls spend all together?
problem two:
Jana took her 3 yearn old niece out for breakfast. The restraunt they went to was having a special where children under 4 recieved half off of their meal with the purchase of a rehular priced meal. Drinks were not included in the special. If Jana’s mean was $10, her niece was $6 before the discount, they each had a $1.25 drink, tax calculated at 8.25%, and Jana tipped the waitress 15% of the total including tax, what did Jana spend in all?
pleeeeease help me!! >w< :<

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