Help! Michael jackson pre-sale?

I have just got my pre sale code for a michael jackson ticket, but the website keeps navigating me to the general tickets (which dont go on sale until tomorrow!)
How do i get straight to the pre sale where i can buy one now?
can anyone get me a link
would be really greatful thank you

1, dont call me ‘love’ darling.

2, telling me not to waste my time going, dont waste my time posting a pathetic answer!

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5 Responses to “Help! Michael jackson pre-sale?”

  1. Skyz says:

    They haven’t ran out of pre-sale tickets as I just purchased 4. Keep trying different dates and they should work, if you need to buy a pre-sale code you can, chepest is:

    I had 2 and used both!

  2. captainbluey says:

    Why waste your money? Jackson is a pedophile.

  3. KrazyMuddles says:

    i’m having the same problem, I think they have ran out of tickets for the pre-sale which is why it is doing that. I have been able to enter my code etc then it says there are no tickets available…so i’m guessing they have ran out of pre-sale 🙁

  4. Brina says:

    Dont waste your money, he is sick and just needs money before he goes bankrupt LOL

  5. Folin says:

    Same thing is happening to me.
    its frustrating

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