Help On Building A Pc?

just need to know whether the following parts are all compatible, I need to also know whether the psu is adequate (is there enough watts?). Just as an extra can anyone recommend any other parts which are either better for the same price or less.
Ram —
Cpu —
Mother board —
Case —
Psu —-
hard drive —
Cd drive —-
Graphics card —

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One Response to “Help On Building A Pc?”

  1. Mathius says:

    As is that build will not be compatible…
    Intel CPU and AMD Motherboard.
    lets say you have a £600 budget for the components only.
    EDIT – Coming Soon – i3-3220 and the 7870 XT is superior to the standard 7870
    If you really want an i5 cpu, check on ebay for i5-3570K, but look for the Processor Only items….(I paid £140 for mine as I have the Hyper 212 Evo to go on it.

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