Help! Should I Cancel Appts W/real Estate Agents Or Not?

I’ve got appointments w/2 agents on Wednesday to make presentations to list my home for sale. After some help, I realize these likely aren’t going to work for me due to unfriendliness by one and lack of follow through with the other.
Should I go ahead with the appointments, and just keep looking for a better agent? Or should I cancel and continue to look?
If cancel, what would be the best way to do this? I’m still going to list my home, and may even use their agency but a different agent ~ or is that a no no?
Please … no bad comments. It’s my 1st time trying to hire an agent to sell my home, so this is new to me. I just know people can get personally upset, and I don’t want any of them to have a bad feeling about me, and not want to help me should they have a prospective buyer ~ but not the listing.
Thank you.

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One Response to “Help! Should I Cancel Appts W/real Estate Agents Or Not?”

  1. Ms. E says:

    You need to deal with someone you are comfortable with. All you can do is tell them you are still shopping for a different agent. They may get miffed, but oh well. They’ll still bring you potential buyers, because they’ll want every commission they can get.
    I hate awkward situations like this, too.

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