Help Should I Quit My Job ?!?!?

I’m a part time sales associate making minimum wage at Claire’s. I enjoy both my job and my coworkers. There’s two people who work full time, the store manager and the assistant manager . There’s two part time third keys, and then there’s me. When I first started I was getting okayyy hours making around 250 every two weeks. It’s not much but, it’s my first job so I was still pretty stoked on it.
Anyway, for the last three months, I have barely been getting any hours. I never work Monday through Thursday. I only work on weekends and I’m on call more than I actually work. Im on call 21 hours the next two weeks and only work 3.I feel like they’re using me just when they need me. Also I have a co worker who always asks me to cover her shift and I always say yes but, when I ask her to cover mine she says no. So, I stopped covering for her . Also, working at Claire’s you have to know how to pierce ears. I haven’t been trained yet. And that sucks for my coworkers because when its two of us working they have to do ear piercing after ear piercing by themselves and I can’t help or do any of them. My coworker told me that she asked the boss to train me and that she got an attitude and told her to train me for an ear piercing herself.
It sucks so much. Especially when I’m 20 and trying to save up to move out and go to school. I just got paid today, and from the last two weeks i only made 30 dollars and some change. One day my boss told me that its not her fault that she doesnt give me hours. and said that the store doesnt have enough to give. And when i call in for my on call shifts to ask if i can come in, my boss just says no because the store doesnt have the money for it. i feel like she never should have hired me if this was the situation.
Should I quit this job completely or should I talk to my boss about how I feel?

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4 Responses to “Help Should I Quit My Job ?!?!?”

  1. Steve D says:

    Keep the job, but start looking for a replacement job now. better to have a bit of money coming in then none at all. Also, employers prefer to hire people who are already employed rather than people who are out of work, so at least having the job gives you an advantage even though the hours are bad.

  2. ? says:

    If they have no hours to offer, they don’t have hours to offer. Find someone who does. It’s a retail job, people hire and fire all the time.

  3. jordyn paul says:

    I would keep the job but start looking for another one… Maybe something that is offering a full time position if you are trying to move out.

  4. Luke says:

    Sounds like it’s time to move up, keep your current job and look for a better job with more pay and more hours. And don’t feel bad about quitting, some teenager will probably fill your job up in a couple weeks. You’re 20 years old, time to start earning more than minimum!

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