Help: Suggest Birthday Gift For Girl.!!!?

Tomorrow is birthday of my close friend, and still i haven’t chosen any gift for her m so confused.. Suggest me some nice gift ideas for her. She will be of 19 years tomorrow…….
help plzzzzzz

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7 Responses to “Help: Suggest Birthday Gift For Girl.!!!?”

  1. pumping_ says:

    chocolates- some real yum ones work, always.
    or best, choose something that has a sentimental value, probably something involved in one of the great moments that you both share.
    or, why don’t you take her out shopping? bet that’ll be fun for her as well as you.
    or, just get her a gift voucher, if nothing works out 😉

  2. Varsha says:

    You can give her a cute handmade card or some crafty gift or give her a dress. If she is studious then give her a good novel.

  3. Madhuparna Bhowmik says:

    if she is studious = gift a good nobel.
    otherwise u can gift her a dress
    or chocolates along with a bookie and greeting card

  4. Mia says:

    You could give her a really nice novel or a photo frame?

  5. Kathy H says:

    gift card ..go to groupon or living social for some good idea’s too.

  6. Mohan says:

    close gfriend means u know her liking, may be toys or card, regards

  7. APSAR says:

    a nice dell laptop
    it costs not more
    than ur life.

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