Help! What To Get My 16 Year Old Boyfriend For Christmas!?

Ok, I know Christmas may be a while away, but I really need to be more prepeared.. So I have been going out with my boyfriend for just under a year, he is 16, and I’m 15. Last Christmas he got me some amazing tickets to go and see X-Factor live, and loads of chocolate, teddies, flowers ect, I got him a cardigan. For valentines day he took me out to a really expensive restaurant and bought me lots of chocolate, clothes, I got him a box of chocolates. For my Birthday he gave me A £50 gift voucher for my favorite shop! For his I got him some chocolate and aftershave.. I am so sick of all of my presents being so rubbish, so I have decided I want to spend like £100 on him for Christmas, just to make up for all my rubbish presents when he must have spent at least £300 pounds on me this year. I need ideas though, I was thinking of Beats by Dre? I would love some more ideas from you all, they would all be appreciated!!
Best answer will get 10 points, thank-you so much for reading all of that!!

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2 Responses to “Help! What To Get My 16 Year Old Boyfriend For Christmas!?”

  1. James says:

    How about a bottle of Johnnie Walkers Gold Label?

  2. Devin says:

    personalised phone case of a picture of you and him, or a picture that means a lot to him..sounds cheesy but really cute.. or visit one of those personalised websites!

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