Help With ‘action Replay’ Cheat System?

I’m thinking about buying an ‘Action Replay’ cheat system ( ) from Amazon as I’m not too sure if the local Gamestation or Game stores have them.
I normally never use cheats for my DSi games, but I do want to buy it for a specific reason. I heard that there was a ‘Celebi event’ back when the game Pokemon Soul Silver first came out and now it apparently doesn’t exist. I only got my game 4 days ago. I thought that after you defeated all 16 gym leaders, Lance and Red that you would be able to do that. After I beat everyone but Red, I searched it on the internet and found out about the ‘Celebi event’. I really wanted to get one.
My questions are:
1. Will I be able to get a Celebi with that Action Replay?
2. How does the Action Replay work? As in, can you just use it on the dsi or do you need a computer? (I seen some sites saying to just use L+R and type in some codes or so)
3. Are there any downfalls to the Action Replay? Eg glitches, crashing etc

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One Response to “Help With ‘action Replay’ Cheat System?”

  1. Don says:

    Yes you can infact you can probably get it shiny. When you insert the game cart into the DS, It will give the instructions. Its pretty basic from there.

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