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I ordered a set of headphones on amazon and when i had all my information entered includeing my credit card info and then i realised i used a wrong email. i then tried to set up the email address but it was already in use ! Can whoever has this email get me with identity theft. should i cancel the order or call up amazon and ask them to change the email /

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  1. Un Owen says:

    That person can only see the order number and your address and track the package. They won’t be able to see the password to your amazon or your credit card info. But I suggest you call amazon customer service right away.
    I just checked what emails I get from amazon and this is the only info on the email when you order something:
    Billing Address
    Shipping Address
    Order Number
    Note: once that person clicks on order number, they will be taken to a login page and will need a password. Which might be fairly simple to retrieve with a security question, as they already know what email you used (theirs). So call amazon, tell them to change the email, then, once they do that, change security question and answer, and the password

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