Help With Audio In My 306?

Can i run a pioneer cd player 4x50watts with 2 rear kenwood speakers and 2 standard car speakers in the front and this subwoofer

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One Response to “Help With Audio In My 306?”

  1. Mytheroo says:

    using the voltage from a car without a switchmode PSU, the most wattage you can get from a 13.8V source is 22W with a bridged amp.
    Your 4x50w is actually 4 x 22w RMS (this is normal for all head units though, don’t be sad :))
    The sub has an onboard amp (class D probably) but I couldn’t see if it accepts hi-power inputs or just RCA (phono) line-in. If only line-in, and your head unit doesn’t have line-outs then you’ll need one or two converters (about £15 each normally)
    So, in theory, yes you can run it, but you may want to power the rear kenwoods properly at some point with another amp. The standard fronts are unlikley to handle more than 22w so you only need a front amp if you change them.

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