Help With French Please?

Could I say ” C’est pas bien” and mean “this is not good”? If not then how? Also, what would the difference be between the words bien and bon? What is a situation where the subjunctive form of a verb would come up, and would it be used similarly to Latin; expressing purpose or a polite command?

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One Response to “Help With French Please?”

  1. Nick M says:

    “This is not good” would be “Ce n’est pas bon”. Bien and Bon mean different things depending on how they are in a sentence:
    Adjectives: Bien – well, Bon – good
    Adverbs: Bien – well, Bon – nice
    Nouns: Bien – good or goods (like canned goods kind of a thing), Bon – forms, vouchers, coupons, bonds
    Subjunctive form is used to express actions or ideas which are otherwise uncertain: will/wanting, emotion, doubt, possibility, necessity, judgment. And also nearly always introduced by que or qui

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