Help With I Tunes Purchase. Please Help?

My mother has sent me a £15 I tunes voucher on line but I can’t find how to redeem it. I’ve got an iPhone and have checked my e mail and gone on iTunes but there is nothing there. She has definitely sent it to my apple Id e mail. Any ideas please?

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3 Responses to “Help With I Tunes Purchase. Please Help?”

  1. lonely says:

    not aware about vouchers i am aware that u can purchase a card than have a code on it and u can redeem that code by clicking on the app store and in right corner there it say redeem. hope i helped

  2. Dylan says:

    If she sent the code to your e-mail all you can do is wait for it to come through. If she got bought it on your account on itunes then the card is already on your account.

  3. masoom says:

    Voucher is a code number Like a password which can be used for authoritarian or adding Electronics funds for a service or buy online goods
    if she send you by email then you can see a code copy that code log into your i tune account then select a product when conform checkout click to redeem a Gift Voucher then inter that code into it.

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