Help with No claims discount?

Does this mean I have got 1 years no claims or not?

We confirm that all cover by this policy ceased on "date" when 1 year no claim discount applied. The no claim discount was not protected and 2 claims were notified.

I don’t understand it, I had 2 incidents both of which were not my fault so do I have the one years no claims? Help appreciated
The claims wasn’t against me though.
I’m currently with a different insurance company and paying as if I have no one years no claim. I should have the one years no claim and recieved this letter saying the above today. I wanted to send it to my current insurance company tro reduce my claims but don’t understand, both claims were settled by the parties at fault

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4 Responses to “Help with No claims discount?”

  1. ravenjudge says:

    If you had NO claims, at fault or not, you should have a claim-free discount, but if the discount was applied and then claims were made or discovered, the discount is removed and the premium is increased to what it would have been originally without the discount, making you liable for the higher rate. Did the company cancel your insurance policy?

  2. old know all says:

    If you made 2 claims, you don’t get a no claims discount.

  3. Stuart C says:

    Your answer is in your question, if’s a NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT not a no blame discount, you have had two claims……. simples

  4. PAUL B says:

    Do you still have the policy number, if so contact the insurer and speak to someone regarding this matter. The way I could see this is, these two instances did you have to claim off your insurance because the other party were denying blame so your insurance paid you out, but later claimed it back off the other party, if so then this is where it seems to lead, you did make a claim but your claim was later settled by the other party, so in the insurers eyes you did make a claim.
    Seems a bit harsh, I would have a chat to them about it and see what they propose to do, then if you do not get any satisfaction contact the governing body of insurers and take it up with them saying that you have a complaint with an insurance company explaining your case.

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