Help With Plane Ticket Voucer?

Ok, so I bought this ticket voucher for Delta Airlines a few weeks ago from some indian couple (no offense), and I went to go buy my plane ticket, and it said online that I had to purchase the tickets I wanted in their names since they are on the voucher. I was confused about it because I got a confirmation email saying I bought the tickets, but they aren’t in my name, so I called the lady I bought the voucher from, which I still have, and she said I’m supposed to call Delta customer service and just ask them to change the name on the ticket, but I’ve never had to do this before with a voucher. Is that right?

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2 Responses to “Help With Plane Ticket Voucer?”

  1. desertgi says:

    Sorry, but I think you’ve been had. Airline tickets (no matter what airline) are non transferable. What you purchased are tickets good only for the people who you got the voucher from and are probably non refundable. Why on Earth would you ever agree to continue with a purchase in someone else’s name? The computer system even advised that you can’t do it! Are you stupid or something?

  2. StephenW says:

    You cannot change the name. Delta tickets are non-transferable. Buying the voucher was a waste of your money, because it cannot be used for a ticket for anyone except them. All you really bought was the ability to decide when they can travel with the tickets. Because they were on the voucher, only they can use a ticket purchased with the voucher.

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