Help With Probability Questions For Statistics?

1. There are two routes to the summit of Mt. Aspiring. The North West Ridge is not very difficult by mountaineering standards, and so there is a probability of 0.8 of successfully reaching the top by this route. The South West Ridge is much more technically demanding, and is recommended only for experienced climbers. There is a probability of 0.7 of reaching the summit by this route. Guides have determined that 75 % of climbers will take the North West Ridge route, and 25% will take the South West Ridge route.
a) Two Canadian climbers successfully reach the summit, only to find a satisfied climber there before them. Conditions were icy so they couldn’t see any tracks from this climber. What is the probability that this climber used the more difficult South West Ridge route ?
2. West Side Wanda’s sells fried chicken pieces, and William has determined that, of those who buy chicken, the distribution of sales is as follows
Pieces /Probability
1 —–> 0.3
2 —–> 0.5
3 —–> 0.2
a) What is the mean number of pieces sold per person?
b) What is the standard deviation of the number of pieces sold?
c) If each piece of chicken sells for $1.50, what is Wanda’s mean sales value per person?

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