Help With Promoting My Book?

OK So i Have finished my book here it is sales page
but my main problem is promoting i have been posting on alot of e-book pub sites for free but no luck even on some of the sites i have given out discount codes what should i do also i have posted on a couple of affiliate marketing sites

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3 Responses to “Help With Promoting My Book?”

  1. skillet_ says:

    Why would anyone want to buy a book from an unknown author when one only has to Google promoting your books and get lots of free advice?

  2. The Writer says:

    Considering how horrible your writing skills are in the question I doubt anyone would want to buy your book. It’s already hard enough to get people interested when you’re a self-pubbed writer. When you’re a poor writer as well? Even more challenging.
    Also, you have a crap ton of errors just on that page. Why would ANYONE be interested when you have so many errors in a short piece? That just screams “I am not a credible source of information.”

  3. Steven J Pemberton says:

    I would be wary of buying an ebook that was (apparently) not available from major ebook retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I would also be wary of buying a book about promoting websites that appeared to have been written by someone who couldn’t spell the word “website”.

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