Help With Rabbit Hutch?

I want two rabbits for my birthday but I don’t know which rabbit hutch to buy. I am stuck between two. and this one can any experts please help me decide and it would be nice if you could give me any other suggesting about hutches. I would also like to discuss spaying rabbits if I buy them at the same time can I house them together until they get spayed and should I get two females two male or one female and one male. I don’t have a lot of money so please don’t suggest anything stupid. Also what else do I need to buy other than the obvious like bedding hay bottles food ect

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  1. Vic543 says:

    You would probably be better off getting a cheaper large hutch and spending the money you’ve saved on a big run so they have more space. I recently got the outback castle from zooplus and i like is because its roomy and it has lots of doors so i can move the run to a different door without moving the hutch and i can still get in the hutch to sort out food and water or clean it out. The outback hutch you have linked may be a problem if your rabbit chews through the wood on the balcony.
    If you get rabbits from a rescue they will have already been spayed and some have been or can be paired up with a partner at the rescue. They will of already seen a vet so are likely to be free from hereditary dental problems (1 of my rabbits has to have a dental operation every 4 months costing £100+ a time because his back teeth dont line up). Two of the best rabbits i’ve ever had are from a rescue 🙂
    You’ll probably want a litter tray, toys, tunnels, things to chew, a hay rack, tarp to put over the hutch. I like to have 3 bowls, for dry food, veg and one for water as they find a bowl easier to drink from than bottles. If you plan to keep them outdoors in winter then you’ll need to insulate the hutch before winter. Its usually a good idea to also have an indoor cage for if the buns get poorly or to keep them in the house over winter etc.

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