Help With Some Interpretation Please?

So my FWB and I started as friends; we are opposites, I am slightly older (21 and 22), and know what I want in life, and work (uni and employment) day in and day out to get there. He has not so much got his life direction sorted out. I grew up pretty normally (police family), as he did, but family circumstances made him rebel a bit, he has a record but is a genuinely nice guy, from a nice family. He clearly cares for me and will help me whenever I need.
I am super girly looking, and he is a bit rough looking- he honestly comments all the time that as pretentious and judgmental as I am, he is surprised we get along so well.
So we got really drunk and hooked up. Not sex. We decided that as we get along so well, we’d try friends with benefits (sex etc.) However, usually, we don’t have sex, we just cuddle etc.
It is like a relationship, like we have arguments etc. (the occasional clash, usually because I cancel plans to study, or he does something immature )..
But no one really knows.. people don’t suspect because we’re so different. I am so focused and he parties a lot.. But we spend a lot of time together and some people make comments, but these are mostly discounted by our differences.
Anyway, sometimes we just hang out, like friends, like as though we’d never had the FWB chat. Other times, we cuddle, and talk and kiss, he strokes my face. He often emphasises how different we are (“I am not like you”). He doesn’t just want sex, I mean he wants sex, but not always, sometimes he initiates just cuddling.
How do I define this? Does he like me?
The thing is, the majority of the time, we are not having sex, I don’t feel used at all.
And I am not the kind of girl who sleeps around- I didn’t have sex until I was 21.
Anyway, he hates it when I talk about other guys. I try to pretend I don’t care when he talks about other girls- I was maintaining my “I don’t have time to care what you do” kind of thing.. But then I said it made me uncomfortable, and he said he won’t hook up with anyone else, only because it makes me uncomfortable. I said what if he got a gf, he said if he wanted a gf he wouldn’t be hooking up with me- HOW CONFUSING!
I guess I don’t know what I want from him. I don’t want to commit, but I want him to be a bit more mature and sweet all the time, not just sometimes.. So a bit confused.

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