Help With These Maths Questions Please?

1.To increase the current price P of an item by 39.8% you can add 39.8% of P to P, or simply mutliply P by …
2.To apply 31.9% discount off the current price P of an item, you can subtract 31.9% of P from P, or simply multiply P by …

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2 Responses to “Help With These Maths Questions Please?”

  1. The Titan says:

    1. 1.398 (try it)
    2. 0.681 (1-0.319)
    all this involves is division by 100 to turn into decimals
    hope this helps 🙂 x

  2. mr. cool says:

    You add .398P to P, so you have 1.398 P. Just multiply P by 1.398.
    P – .319P = .681P

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