Help!i Think My Earring Is Cursed?

So I went to San Fransico yesterday and went to pier 39.When I was there I went into an earing shop.This russian woman immediatly ran up to me and started pushing this dragonfly shaped ear cuff at me.It was priced at $40 and I didn’t have enough so she took off ten bucks from the price and gave me a bunch of discounts ( worth up to $35 dollars and 10% of my next purchase) AND through in another ear cuff free.So I came back home and fell asleep wearing it.I had really strange and frightening dreams and every time I woke up I was gasping for air.When I fell asleep again I had the same dreams again.Then I took off the dragonfly ear cuff and slept without any dreams.Is my earing cursed?Or is it just happen stance?

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3 Responses to “Help!i Think My Earring Is Cursed?”

  1. Daninyko the deity Deinonychus ☭ says:

    Nope, but did you received a receipt for purchasing the thing? if not its either tax evasion or an stolen good

  2. Fireball says:


  3. Gazoo for Prezident says:

    Everything in San Francisco is cursed.

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