Here’s Five Ways to Store Your business cards



Classical Roladex adorned most agencies during the 1980s, the name is a combi nation of rotation ie ‘roles’ and ‘index’ ie index.

In his hayday, your Roladex sat next Reviews those little boxes of index cards. We had no personal computers humming 80s so our office were filled with small pieces of paper.

Some people even have a huge peak at Tre Archi agencies with random pieces of paper to the safety and health freaks prohibited themselve Because “you might just have your face with one of ratings.

Anyway keep your Roladex the entire contents of your contact book and more. Even if you are not a business card for someone, you would have a little card with Tre Archi details.

Roladex files were usually sorted alphabetically for easy searching. But can be cleaved by different categories.

Roladex as were two important someting People that you are always a few outside it is executed when the fire alarm sounded.

The digital era ended the love affair would find the Roladex. You’ll themselve occasionally monitor flea markets – mostly empty new That someone’s trust Tre Archi office cabinet in 1985, but if you see one with the actual content you should definitely buy and check out what’s inside. All London songs will be ’01’ or ‘0171’ and ‘0181’ – they remember

The good old days when you could carry a piece of paper around your place of work all afternoon and not every work do get a two-hour session of your Roladex up-to-date. Computers That Little scam put out two grass, but there is always solitary.

A4 folder

A ring binder with plastic A4 wallets two big cards you two can keep your contacts in a nice clean environment. You could even alphabetically themselve but the choice was always Or select the name of the company or the person’s name.

You would usually choose the company name and just end up with dozens of business cards for the same company. This business card wallets are a real hassle when you literally to put a new card in a full-file if it meant the load transfer ring card in a new portfolio and simply find a hole for the new card.

The other problem was that you would find people in an office at all had the same cards for the same people-which mail duplicating the work was in submitting all these cards.

Business Card Scanner

Techy geeks willhave invested in this machine. Basically you into the slot you cards, whisks through the machine, scanning as it goes. The information is sorted by the software and the information is stored appears on your PC or Mac.

The beauty of these machines is that you can get away business cards through your countless other mail-which you have collected over many years.

These machines do not keep bad design against the original owner of the business card. They also do not have to go all weak at the knees for expensive thermographic printing or stamping.


Evernote is truly the ultimate business card storage. It is a computer application That you download on your machine. It connects with your webcam. You simply hold the newest card in your collection on your webcam and it takes a snapshot of your business card.

The cleverness comes when reading the information from the snapshot and files it neatly inside the folders.

But it’s not just business cards you February wishlist two snapshot but drawings, doodles, notes, logos, etc.

On its website, Evernote says. “Use Evernote two save your ideas, things who see, and things you want. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free. “

Bottom drawer

So now we live in the digital age, what do we do with the cards we are dealt. Easy! We put themselve in the bottom drawer of our desk.

Other things you might find in your bottom drawer include an old mini-stapler without staples mini, some post-it notes with lint on one side, a plastic sharpener and 23p in coppers.


Source by Chris Mark Riley

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