Hertz Discount & Deposit?

This is what I read somewhere:
“Hertz will run the card for the rental cost plus hold up to $200.00 against the card. When you return the vehicle, they will release the $200.00 hold and finalize the charge for the amount of the rental. ”
What if I use discount codes? Will Hertz charge me the full price without the discounts when it’s time to return the car and pay, or will they charge me the new discounted price?

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One Response to “Hertz Discount & Deposit?”

  1. Ramon C says:

    How much is a burger at McDonalds? Same difference. Ask any Hertz agent. Apparently the constant use and abuse of the smartphone has not allowed your brain to evolve and use logic and to think questions through. I call this Smartphone Brain Syndrome (SBS). People with SBS have lazy brains since it is much too easy to whip out the phone and ask questions. This is not a good thing. Put the phone away for at least three days. Learn to use your brain instead of electronics.

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