Hey Girls Answer Real Quick?

Gf 18, Me 21. I was working at a restaurant and doing art on the side. My gf will always treat me bad & possibly even cheated on me oh and she wasn’t supportive and will always hate on my paintings. One day I just dropped the dead job and she was calling me stupid but still i began to sell my art online. Lucky me on my first sale I made $30,000 and when my gf saw that her mouth dropped. I then talked to her about how I wanted to marry her but I then realized she wasn’t for me so we ended things. Today one month later I got a txt from her and then she asked “Are you still poor lol” and I got mad and i told her the TRUTH i said “Just for the record i did sleep with jenny and laura before i just didn’t want to tell you” and then i told her how i’m now seeing someone who DESERVES me and she replied “If your trying to make me jealous your not and your such an a-hooee”.
Do you think she’s jealous or what???
Note: Feel no remorse for her ONLY if you knew the shady things she’s done

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One Response to “Hey Girls Answer Real Quick?”

  1. KandyNut says:

    Well, I have to admit, I’d be pretty damn jealous if I was her. Our course, she wouldn’t say this, but when she says “if your trying to make me jealous blah blah”, then she probably is because you didn’t ask her if she was jealous, so that fact that she even brings it up……

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