Hey Girls Be Honest =o?

I consider myself a good artist, and my gf will always put then down like “I don’t like them”. I even dropped my job at a fast food place just to began selling my art. She began calling me stupid & I live with my uncle in his garage. On my 1st sale i made $30,000 I shiet you not!. When my gf saw that her jaw dropped, but Sadly I broke up with her for being a big B. One month later today I get a txt from her “Are you still broke lol” and I told her no but i’m good and so is my new girl and that’s someone who deserved me and for the record the last two times you dumped me i did sleep around just didn’t want to tell you. “If your trying to make me jealous your not and you look like such an ****** right now’.
She’s a hater right???

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One Response to “Hey Girls Be Honest =o?”

  1. dThr33 says:

    It sounds like you both are being immature.

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