Hey Guys And Gals. A Question About Soundgarden?

Hey guys. I was wondering on your opinion on Louder Than Love? Is it a good album? So far it seems amazing! I’m currently on Hands All Over. It’s incredible.
Your views on it? Should I buy it? On Amazon.co.uk right now, it’s £5.69. 🙂 I have more than enough to buy it twice over pretty much. What do you people yourselves think of it? In my opinion, so far Chris’ vocals are mindblowing as of yet. Really ace.
Thanks for your feedback!

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2 Responses to “Hey Guys And Gals. A Question About Soundgarden?”

  1. ollie601 says:

    its an awesome album, buy it NOOWWWW!!!!

  2. Dub Buk says:

    It is the only worthy album they ever did. Great album!. They fell after it….

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