Hi, I Bought A 00 Gti An Now The Dealership Is Trying To Screw Me?

For the first time I tried finacing a car from a lot it spent sour, this is how it happened, I went the first time to the auto sale company and tried to get a gti, they ran my credit and said I had a credit score of 590, which is really lowi know but anyways they told me if I could get 3000 or a down payment that they could “make it happen” so I worked and saved up a 1000 in cash and sold my Jetta for 2000 so I ha the 3k downpayment, I went there, and they financed the car, signed all the paper work, yada yada yada, and I was done they told me at the very end that “all downpayments are non refunable” but “not to worry because our finace company finaces everyone” so I left with the car, and oh! It needed a new battery so he agreed I I bought a battery he woul jump my warranty from 3 mo to 6 months so I agreed, well on my way home I broke down, car died ha, after the new battery wa installed, I had to get a tow truck which costed me another 90 on top of the battery which was 160. The next mornig i checked it out, blown alt fuse which kept the alt charging the battery, 20 bucks, bought and fixed it started right up So a week ot two went by and the brakes started to get rough so I got around to checking it, needed new rotars so I bought and installed them, (warranty doesn’t cover it) now it’s been close to a month and I have a letter from west lake, (finace company) saying they cant finace me, I called the sales man who told me not to worry and send him a bank statement so he can take care of it so I did and he also told me they he would in house finace the car, so my real question is, if **** hits the fan, and they take the car, should I get a lawyer to try and get rememburse for the money I put into the car and what about the downpayment.? This is the first time I’ve experienced this so I need help. Any suggestions?

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