hi, i have brought something from amazon.co.uk for 319 pounds?

i brought something from amazon for 319 pounds. will the seller take 319 pound out? can he take out more than that? how does amazon.co.uk payment work sorry for too much questions

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2 Responses to “hi, i have brought something from amazon.co.uk for 319 pounds?”

  1. josephrob2003 says:

    I have never had any problem with Amazon, the price you see is what you pay,
    Just double check before going to check out, you have picked the right item,as Amazon sell used as well as new,so there will be a price difference there.
    The seller has no access to your money, you are dealing with Amazon direct
    Hope this helps

  2. postal p says:

    Hopefully, that is the full price with shipping and handling.

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