hi vodafone top up voucher?

ive not long bought a £5 voucher for vodafone, after i put the 12 digit number in it says, my top was unsuccsesful, please try again later, is anyone else havig trouble topping up using a voucher? ive been back t the shop, theyve said keep trying if it dont go threw by morning ring vodafone. anyone got the number for vodafone? so i can ring them now. cheers everyone.
cheers mate just wat i was looking for.
i am goin to karen. im already on my dads, and that does save us loads.
cheers all ive made contact with vodafone, apparently the voucher has already been used, so its back t the shop, wats the chances of them refunding me.

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3 Responses to “hi vodafone top up voucher?”

  1. her with the mad ginger hair says:

    Hi,just type in http://www.vodafone.co.uk into your search bar and it takes you to their website,you should be able to get help or find a number to contact on there.i hope this helps,the e top up vouchers can be a pain at times.

  2. PATRICK says:


  3. KAREN M says:

    I think you dial 191 from your phone for vodaphone.- Have you signed up for vodaphone family – It saves me a fortune!!

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