History of the Penny Rug

If you like folk art and crafts you might be interested in penny rugs. The rugs were originally created in the 1800’s when most families didn’t have a lot of money to spend on extras for the home. The women of the time would try to create items the family needed from bits and scraps of leftover material. Some of the larger pieces of cloth would be used in designing bed comforters and quilts while smaller pieces would be used to create rugs. If the piece of fabric was at least the size of a coin, the women would save it to use in a rug.

Some people believe the rugs get their name from their design. The rugs often have round or coin shaped variations to the pattern they have as the design. The rugs are generally made of wool and are used for decoration. They can be displayed on a wall or thrown over a bed as an accent cover. They are also often used as a runner on a table or a mantle. In addition to the circular pattern design, the women also incorporated the characters of everyday life, such as common household animals like a bird or a cat.

Today you can purchase the same style of rug as a ready made item that you can use as a decoration in your home. In addition to having the rug as a flat object, you can also find it used as a pillow covering. The modern styled rugs still use the same design and styling as the original rugs had. You will find the colors are generally dark and subdued in comparison with other types of rugs available. The rugs can be found in country stores and on auction sites.

You can also find many kits available to make penny rugs. The kits generally come with a pattern and the necessary fabric and threads to complete the project. Many of the modern kits don’t follow the traditional style of the original rugs, but incorporate brighter colors and more varied images in their designs. The kits are available in many seasonal and holiday designs, which makes them popular to give as gifts. A rug kit can cost around $8.00 while a completed ready made rug will start around $30. The kits are not difficult to make yourself. If you can make a simple edge stitch, you can assemble the rug.

Source by Donnie Bravo

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