Hmv Music Voucher Validity?

Is there any likelyhood that the administrators will relent upon invalidating the HMV music vouchers ?
So many people of all ages will have been given these as Christmas gifts and they are now valueless. It is just as embarrassing for the gift giver as the recipient.
Please to everyone, don’t take out your anger on any shop staff, remember they have lost their jobs and they had no part in the voucher ( i can only call it) scam.

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6 Responses to “Hmv Music Voucher Validity?”

  1. Jan409 says:

    It’s already been announced that Vouchers are invalid as of today
    I feel so sorry for those losing jobs,and off course those losing money

  2. Suman says:


  3. HooBoo says:

    No, they won’t change their mind now they’ve announced it. The best recourse anyone has is if the voucher or gift card was bought with a credit or debit card and then the purchases may be able to claim the value of the voucher through their card issuer. In my direct experience, however, card issuers don’t like having to pay out such claims and will do anything they can to put you off. Be persistent and don’t take the first answer they give you.

  4. Bazza says:

    Administration means that things like vouchers are of no value. Major creditors get some of their money back but small claims are wiped out.

  5. Jo W says:

    Sadly none.

  6. RiZZla says:

    This is BS!!
    I have a voucher and i can’t use it buy the MONEY HAS ALREADY BEEN SPENT. The money has ALREADY been paid so HMV owes me and all the rest of us something or they are thieving little c*nts. I don’t care how much trouble they are in, i don’t care how much money they owe, i don’t care about the creditors or them going into administration because it’s not my problem and it’s their problem. I know the creditors get all the money but how can HMV give money that is not theirs to give away??? Technically the money from the vouchers is not theirs to give away as the money has already been spent and we don’t owe HMV anything. If i went into HMV tomorrow and took £25.00 worth of stuff and walked out without paying would they not grab me and have me arrested? And what would they have me arrested for?? For STEALING. Well HMV is stealing from me and from all of us who have vouchers which have been paid for.

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