Hollywood Remakes

Every Hollywood generation seems to be held with the desire to outshine their predecessors. Or maybe it's just the total lack of original ideas, or worse, producers' obsession with cashing in on old favorites.

Whatever the reason, the film industry churns out retooled classics (or yet undiscovered foreign gems) every year. Is it really necessary to destroy myths like Deeds Goes To Town, or Halloween? To walk all over previous generations' achievements and legacy? Appropriately so.

A quick search on IMDb will result in tons of projects for remakes. Like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street. While I understand (or better said tolerate) such endeavors, i truly can not fathom what was in Michael Bay's head when he decided to remake Birds. Hitchcock must be turning in his grave. The one "good" thing about it is that Bay itself does not direct it. Who know what we'd end up with (Transformers: Crow Wars comes to mind). Not that I do not respect the man as far as entertaining action flicks go. But he's not much more than that as Pearl Harbor proved.

Some other remakes planned: Robocop (I sure do hope they do not go all CGI), Conan The Barbarian (penned by the Sahara writers – ughh), Escape from New York (Snake played by someone other than Russell? Blasphemy !!! ) And The Dirty Dozen (for the love of god, why?!? That movie can still entertain today's generation).

I'm not saying remakes can not be good (King Kong, Scarface – although this one was quite the re-envisioning) or even better than the original (His Girl Friday, Titanic, and yes Ocean's 11), but most of the Time these are the result of talented people. Others are just a plague that desecrate works of art.

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