Home Schooling, School Vouchers, and the Reality of Real Education in the US

When budget cuts get tight in school districts the conflicts get even more pronounced. Not long ago, I was reading in the New York Times that wealthy families in New Jersey are screaming bloody murder over voucher programs. In many regards, one could say that the New Jersey school systems in many districts have failed, at least that is the overwhelming belief amongst educators, teachers, and parents. It's hard to say if school vouchers are the answer, but if the school system does not have competition, it may be hard for it to create and maintain excellence in education.

Public school administrators will admit that they have to teach all comers, and they can not just teach the best kids, so comparing results really is not fair. Nevertheless, their job is to teach each and every child without leaving anyone behind. If they start to leave people behind it impacts the community in a negative way, and the more high school dropouts we have, the more judges, public defenders, rehabilitation, and police officers we will need in the future. As those kids grow old, we will also need more prisons.

You see, a community or a society is only as good as its schools were 20 years ago. This is a serious issue, and one that must be dealt with. One option of course is to school your children at home, and take those school vouchers and use them to pay for special online courses, and reference materials, and teaching syllabuses.

The reality is it's difficult to get a real education in the United States in the public schools, unless you are in a district which happens to have a superb track record. Some are, but most really are not. And, if you want your offspring to have the best possible education the world, it may not be possible considering all the challenges which our schools face today. Indeed, I hope you'll please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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