Homeless Shelters In Rhode Island?

I am in a bit of a bind and want to know somethings about Homeless Shelters SPECIFICALLY IN RHODE ISLAND. I want to know how it works. How long will I need to stay there until they can place me somewhere with my own section 8 voucher. I have a 5 month old daughter and am staying with friends for now but I hate burdening people. Please let me know and I am very willing to share my email for direct contact as well.

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2 Responses to “Homeless Shelters In Rhode Island?”

  1. Kieth says:

    Screw Rhode Island, if you are going to be homeless with a child go to California. You will get priority and piles of state assistance.

  2. Giselle J says:

    Visit Rhode island department of human services at:
    206 Elmwood Ave
    (401) 415-8200
    They give ebt and help people in need
    I listed some links below with info of shelters and were they are located and a link to ri welfare website
    try to get some wik for your daughter its like some type of coupons that you can take to participating supermarkets and you get free milk, eggs, and baby products.

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